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It is here, G-Star 2013!

It has certainly been a while, but I could not miss out on one of the best events of the year! G-Star 2013 has the best of the best, especially the War Gaming booth. Here are some of the goddesses that showed up this year!

Lee Ye Bin, Hidden Gems!

I was looking through some old folders and look at what I found. Somehow I forgot to post this set of photos of Lee Ye Bin. To my surprise this is also the first post of her in this blog. Not sure how I missed this one ...

Yoon Ban Ji, Short Shorts!

OyOy! Not quite dead, but have been really busy. Enough of me, back to the girls. Posted a couple of sets of Yoon Ban Ji, Lee Jong Bin, and Yoon Mi Jin. Perfect combination of sexy, seductive, and casual. As for Yoon Ban Ji, not sure if she is the same person, but I posted a set of a person with the same name two years ago. If it is her she has changed a lot. You can check that set out here and see for yourself. As for me back to the grind stone ...

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