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New blog, new beginnings: RestlessDragon

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very long time, work has been a bitch for a good part of the year. Business starts slowing down as the season gets colder, I now have more free time on my hands. If there is still anyone from the community out there. Come join me on a new adventure ...

Come and check it out at

Restless Dragon: Dream, Travel, Wander

Doe-Eyed Beauty, Coralinne Suicde

Been pretty busy, so here is a quick post for #WCW. I find a girl with tatoos to be extremely attractive. Suicide Girl, Coralinne Suicide is no exception. Cute, sexy, beautiful, and there is just something about those eyes. Here are just a couple of photos out of many.

Cosplaying Goddess, Linda Le!

Happy "Hump Day" Everyone! My "Woman Crush Wednesday" for today is the beautiful and talented Ms. Linda Le. This famous cosplayer and model extraordinaire also goes by the alias Vampy Bit Me. Cute, sexy, adorable, and beautiful, all packaged into a bundle of awesome. Here is just a small set of her work.

Han Ga Eun, Pretty Pretty Princess!

It's been a while, but since today is apparently "Women Crush Wednesday" What better day to post amazing photographs of beautiful ladies then "Hump Day!" Yes, its a thing, look it up if you don't believe me.

Since I have been gone for over a year, a lot of the older Korean Race Queens seem to have disappeared and vanished into the ether. I didn't check any photos from major events of 2014 though, so I could very well be wrong. I only recognized a couple of faces from the usual sources I look through.

Happy New Year and Other Random Thoughts!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, celebrating with your family and friends. Now that the holidays are over, I am pulling my lazy procrastinating self together and plan for 2015. Hopefully I can make this blog into something that I have envisioned it to be 3-4 years ago.

Hello, Hello, Hello!

After a year long hiatus, I have decided to come back and post some more things. I know, I know, hold your applause. To the one person actually reading this (who am I kidding, no one reads these), I welcome you to the page.

The posts will be on an irregular basis, depending on how much free time I have, and will probably be on more random things I feel should be shared with the world. Anyways ... More updates to come in the future, so come by every so often to check it out.

Until next time, have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Later DayZ!

~* Park Hyun Sun Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas Too! *~
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